There was a time when the notion of speaking on the telephone in a moving automobile was the stuff of science fiction. The notion of speaking on a phone without using one's hands? That was the stuff of dreams. So when you consider the possibilities of what technology Mazda engineers have in store for you, it can boggle the mind.

1200 × 630?

Take the 2017 Mazda3, for instance. The vehicle's available Active Driving Display is located on the windshield —directly in the driver’s field of vision. With logistics like speed, RPMs and navigational information right in your line of sight, you take your mind off of distractions and your eyes focused toward one place—the road ahead.

Priority Mazda Tyson's Corner this week to learn how our fleet of new and pre-owned Mazda sedans and crossovers aren't just heading toward the future —they're already there.

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